Life has been a bit hectic lately. Between dentist appointments, soccer practice, after school meetings, the heat and freak monsoon storms, it's been a heck of a week! I am glad tomorrow is Friday and I have some sort of rest coming this weekend. Not a lot of rest, but more than I get during the week. And, if we are lucky, we may even be in the 80's instead of 110! I can't wait!

We did finally get some sort of resolution with the grade level. It was more of the principal saying that this is what we're doing and deal with it. Some aren't happy, but at least we have started and things are starting to go in the right direction. It's so frustrating when there is one person who can't get their act together and work as a team. But, the principal has seen "the light" and I think she knows where the real problem is. It's always fun to sit in a meeting with someone who smirks at every comment made. I never realized we were in the presence of greatness with this teacher is she is the best in the world. (note sarcasm, please!)

It is now Friday. I was too tired to even finish writing last night. I fell asleep in my daughter's bed while she was still awake. I think I was out by 9:45 at the latest! I am glad it's Friday, but I have a lot to do to catch up for the week and prepare for next week! Always something fun to do. Hopefully I will get pics up this weekend of the stuff we did this week. Not too exciting, but it's stuff! TGIF all!

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  1. I didn't even make it through The Soup (it comes on at 9pm Central) last night.