Lazy Sunday

Today is Sunday. I am exhausted. We had a busier than wanted day yesterday, and were gone from 9am til 7pm. Not how I wanted to spend my day, but oh well! Today, I am staying home to do all the stuff I would have done yesterday - laundry, clean the house, lesson plans, etc. I've decided it's Pajama Day at home, so my daughter and I are hanging out in our pj's all day. Some say it's gross, but I don't care. I am freaking exhausted. A little too much stress on Friday, I think, has gotten to me. I'm not too excited to go to work tomorrow, nor do I want to plan. But, I have to. Tomorrow we get to deal some more with the teachers who don't want to join in, figure out how to make it work and see where we go now. Oh yeah, and it's never cooled down from being in the 100's and they say it's just going to get hotter this week! Well, crap! Here's to a nice, hot, steamy week of crap! And getting my laundry done finally!

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  1. Your Sunday sounds very similar to mine!! I am not really calling it lazy as I have lots of chores to do around the house, including laundry! It's blazing hot here in Texas too! It seems like this August as been unbearable with these triple digit temps!! So ready for Fall!

    Our Students start tomorrow! It's going to be a big day! Hope you get all the crap worked out at school! I know how hard it can be working with teachers who don't want to be team players!

    Off to check the laundry and clean the bathrooms! Yuck!!