It's no wonder I can't sleep!

As the title of the post says, I can't sleep lately. Or last night anyway. Several reasons comes to mind. Sleep is something that is either restful or insanely bothersome. At this time of the year, is pisses me off!

With school starting in 3 short days, I sit in bed and wonder. Wonder about my kids who are coming in. Wonder how they will be. How they will act. If they will learn from me. I wonder about the new principal. Will she ever tell us what she wants from us? E-mail us more than a question. Have a staff meeting. Little things that make my mind wonder. Is my classroom ready enough? Do I have enough stuff planned? Is it exciting? Will they like it? You know the drill, I'm sure. The unknown, waiting for things to happen.

This is a weird school year to start with for a few reasons. One, we have a new principal that I haven't found to be very forthcoming. She seems nice and all, but I haven't gotten my questions answered. And it bugs me. I want to know the answers now, not in a week or month from now when I have my routines figured out. Second, our first day of work should be tomorrow, but it's a furlough day. A day we can't work because we aren't getting paid to be there. Will someone please tell me then I why it was OK for me to be there last week every day when I wasn't getting paid? Oh yeah, that's right. That was my own time that the district doesn't care about. But tomorrow they don't want the parents to see us at school and wonder. What BS! Thirdly, my grade level team is already causing chaos. Remember, we have 2 teachers who don't talk at all. The other principal let them get away with it, so they are hoping for the same. One teacher asked to be able to leave our collaboration meetings before we do our topic share. She's obviously the worlds best teacher and knows everything about everything and doesn't want to listen to our drivel or share her fabulousness. Bitch. The other teacher wants to see if she can skip collaboaration all together so she can work with her kids because the extra 30 minutes a week will make or break her class. Whatever. Why can't we all just get along? Oh yeah, because when you put a bunch of menopausal women together, they get all bitchy. Lucky for me, I'm only 34 and far from it! Yep, I'm the youngest in the grade level by about 13 years and many times I feel like I am the most mature. Sucks!

Last night, we went "camping" for one night with my in-laws. I say "camping" because we stayed in their 30 foot trailer. I wasn't all gung ho to go, but you'd have to know my MIL to understand. Anyway, my daughter was all excited to go, so we went. About an hour in, my hubby and I were riding motorized scooters. Somehow my MIL can ride it no problem. Me, I had a blond moment and went down hard. Needless to say, I am black and blue and sore all over. Doesn't make for a good night's sleep, especially when I'm not home. I think I got about 2 hours sleep, if I'm lucky. Instead, I just laid there, wanting to cry, willing myself to sleep. And karma to greet my hubby! :) He knows it's coming!

Today is my last weekend day before school starts. And I am in pain. Oh well. I'll go get some pampering done in a bit. That will make me feel better. Or at least make my toes look better before Wednesday. Tomorrow we will go to San Diego, cruise around the zoo and eat some yummy pizza down there. Then Tuesday is back to school for teachers. I don't know what I am going to do exactly, other than make sure I've got everything ready. Until then, I think I'm gonna go lay on the couch and read the book I am hoping to finish by Tuesday night!

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