This first full week of school has been crazy! Crazy busy, crazy tiring, crazy good. My kids and I are getting into the swing of things, getting the routines down, following the rules, learning to live without recess for an entire week thanks to temps well above 100 (and they say every day it will be in the low 90's!)and just learning what life is like as a first grader rather than a Kindergartener.

We also had Back to School night last night. With our new schedule, we are out of school at 3:12, but that doesn't mean we are gone! Some of the first grade teachers stay with their kids after school who are getting picked up. I am one of them, just to make sure they know the routine before we have after school duty ourselves - next week! So, by the time the kids are gone, it's 3:30, which left 30 minutes to get my room ready for BTS night, leave to go get my daughter from preschool, run thru Del Taco, drop daughter off at Nana's house, shove burrito down my pie hole with a giant diet coke (and I have tried to give up soda, but last night it was a necessity!) and be back to school by 5:15 so I have a place to park before the parents arrive at 5:30...or 5:35, or 5:50 for the meeting that is done at 6:15. Anyway, did all that, talked a lot and really fast, sent the parents on their way, chatted in the parking lot for way too long and then finally left at 7 to go get my daughter from Nana's house. Sat, chit chatted with my parents and went to leave at 8, only to see a giant fire about 1/2 mile from my school. So, we had to sit and watch it (we were a long way from it, but we could see it across the valley)and then I finally got to come home and try to sleep with a 4 year old afraid of the fire coming to get her. I passed that on to her, thank you very much!

Anyway, today was finally Friday. My kids did a lot of project work today, got to make messes and pictures and stuff (post tomorrow). Plus, I got to hear all about the fire from kids who lived right there where it was. I would have been scared to death and packed all my stuff, but they seemed like it was normal. It's not that normal - the area that burned hasn't burned in over 50 years. It;s big tall brush turning browner every day with the heat. Did I mention I live in the desert, but not the desert? I was ready for 3:30 to come so I could go home! I even got to work 2 hours early today to get stuff done so I could leave early. Silly me. I should have known better. I have mentioned before how my grade level isn't cohesive and people don't like each other. Well, my new principal is going to make everyone work together whether we like it or not. So, we got to meet after school for about 1 1/2 hours and still don't have things resolved - things that we supposed to happen on Monday! So, the chaos continues, people are unhappy and it's going to be interesting to see what happens. I am glad that principal is making "everyone play" since it is what the school "does", but at the same time, it throws a monkey wrench into plans that some of us made who have always "played" like we were supposed to. So, another yearof chaos it will be.

Now, I am tired, exhausted really, with a giant pile of laundry waiting to be folded. The hubs did laundry today for me, but it won't get folded by him. I'm so lucky! But, he did make dinner. And I have the dishes to clean. Sorry ladies, he's already taken! I am hoping to go to bed early, get some good sleep so I can get up and sweat to death at 4 year old soccer! Maybe tomorrow will be family nap time!

Happy Friday all!


  1. A teacher's work is never done! Tension among the staff members is always a pain.

  2. I feel your pain sister. Just finished my first week as well and I passed out last night at 9! Non teachers just don't get it!