Where's my mojo?

A couple weeks ago, I was very excited to start planning. I still am, but now I am feeling overwhelmed. I have 4 weeks left of vacation and then it's time for a new batch of little monkeys to come into my class. In the past I have had plenty of time to plan, but this summer I am feeling the crunch.

I think I have the want to do too many things and there just isn't any time to do it all. I want to do some crafty things, cleaning and organizing things, sit and read a book, play with my daughter, work outside in my flower beds and, oh yeah, get ready for school. There are so many things I want to so and I don't have time for it all. I feel quilty if I craft or read when my daughter is playing by herself, but then I get frustrated and then ashamed when I play with her all day and her million and one "games" she wants to play. I need to find a happy medium, one that isn't reading at 2am since I can't sleep!

A friend from work texted me the other day and asked me when we can get together to plan the year. Mind you, I have already started planning (see Planning Part 1 of many) and have many things filled in. Now, in the past, I would meet with her, show her what I have and then she would just fill it all in on her plan and then we would go from there. In the last couple of years, it has literally worn me out. I was telling her week by week what we were doing, getting everything together, etc. It was like planning for 2 with no help. I'm all for sharing, but it was getting to be a little much. I think that's why I was so burned out by the end of the year. It's hard enough for me to plan and make it exciting, much less plan for someone else to make their class exciting. I feel really bad for feeling like that and I'm not the type to tell her, so....I guess I do it to myself.

Anyway, I am hoping this week I can get some things done from all my lists of things to do. My laundry room is begging to be cleaned and organized, so I think that will happen tomorrow. I think I just need to start throwing stuff away and then worry about it later. It doesn't seem smart financially, but clutter wise it seems like a good move (I don't have a lot of storage space, so saving it isn't a plan). I need to decrapify my house and be ready for the school year. I think my closet will be next. I have a lot of clothes I don't wear. Maybe that will be Tuesday. Oh, and my daughter's room - OMG! It looks like a tornado hit it! But she's 4, so I guess it's OK for tonight!

Maybe if I get some of my to-do list done, I can concentrate more on school work and not feel guilty about other things. It's starting to get too warm to work outside til the evening, so that can wait. And my daughter is with me all the time, so maybe we can work and play together. Hopefully if this all gets done, I can get my mojo back and feel better about everything.

Oh yeah, and when my hubby gets done with his big, giant, pain in the ass test, I will have a hubby back who can help, too!

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