What do you wear to work?

I saw this posted on another blog, and it got me thinking about what teachers wear to work each day. I'm pretty amazed myself at what some people wear to work, but I don't know if I am allowed to think that. I don't "dress up" to go to work, but I also don't wear the same clothes I do in the summer or when working out in the yard!

In So Cal, we have 2 main seasons - hot and not so hot. When school starts, most of the time it is degree or 2 cooler than the face of the sun. Dressing up isn't so good. Sweat, dirt, the freak wind storm...you get the idea. That isn't to say I dress like a slob, either. Normally in the summer (August thru October, sometimes November and normally March - May) I will wear capri pants, a nice top (probably something from Old Navy or (gasp!) WalMart) and my trusty sandals. Yeah, they are really flip flops, but not the cheap Old Navy flip flops that I have 30 pairs of. I have 2 pairs of my fave sandals I wear - brown and black - go with everything! Occasionally on Friday I will wear shorts, but they are the bermuda shorts, so they cover everything! When it is really hot, I will wear a tank top, but I looked in the mirror the other day and don't like what I see, so those won't be coming out very often. But, when I do wear them, I keep hidden what's supposed to be hidden!

What gets me is when teachers wear things that are too short ("I can't bend down today") or show a little too much boob. Come on, their kids! The thing that really bothers me is when teachers show up looking like they are going to play in the garden! There is one teacher who will wear a t-shirt and jean shorts to school everyday. To me, that isn't professional, but again, I'm not going all suited up, either.

In the fall/winter/not as hot as it was before, I normally wear pants. I have some pants from Kohl's I just love and bought them in every color they had. I will then wear a sweater or long sleeve shirt or other top, depending on the weather. I try to save jeans for Fridays or when it rains (we had a lot of rain this year, thank you El Nino, so I wore jeans a lot). There are those mornings when I am crabby or tired and throw on my jeans for comfort, but again, I try not to. I do have a pair of dressier pants that I will wear on occasion, but that's it.

Most teachers I work with will wear jeans every. single. day. I dont' really know why it bugs me, but it does. It doesn't seem professional or like they even care. We even have a teacher in my grade level who will wear sweats to work. Sweat pants and a t-shirt. She doesn't care what she looks like and what she wears, but no one else does, either. So...

When I go to work, I try to look like I didn't just roll out of bed. I shower every day (shocker, I know!), I do my hair every morning before going to work, put on a bit of makeup so I don't scare people and just try to look like I deserve some respect for the job I do. I wish more people would do that. Maybe then teachers wouldn't get such a bad rep. I don't know. I don't wear dresses (I used to, but it got too hard to work with 1st graders) and occasionally I will wear a skirt (I think I have 2)and I have never worn high heels to work. Wearing shoes with 5 inch heels doesn't say "Let me teach your child", but hey, to each her own, right?

Next, week I get to go splurge and do some school shopping. I cleaned out my closet and gave Goodwill some clothes I didn't wear anymore, but it wasn't a lot. So, I have a lot of clothes to wear, but I always like to have something new. I'm, hoping to have luck, but honestly, with the way they make clothes nowadays, I doubt it. I mean, low-rise pants for an elementary teacher? You've got to be kidding me!


  1. I live in the mid-west where we get snow anywhere from November - April so I dress warmly in the winter (nice pants and sweaters or layers because it does sometimes get quite warm in our rooms). In the warmer months I wear capris and sandals. We aren't allowed to wear flip-flops and most of our principals frown on us wearing jeans except on Fridays (and some don't allow that either -- we had to BEG my last principal to give us dress down Fridays). We've had interns and student teachers who wore cleavage bearing shirts while working with 5th graders (hello!) and I have seriously questioned their sanity.

    I like to be comfortable at work but still look like a professional. I usually wear pants and slacks that I get from Old Navy, Kohls or Walmart. Walmart actually does have pretty nice "dressy" clothes for pretty cheap. I got a fabulous pair of white jeans there for $7 and I LOVE them (even though I've never really been a fan of white pants).

  2. I live on the east coast and in my district, we are required to dress professionally every day. Jeans are a no-no, but a couple of times a year we are allowed to wear them if we pay $5 to benefit a specific cause like Relay For Life.

    We do have a polo type shirt that has our school mascot and school name that we are allowed to wear on Fridays. We have a new dress code for this year that has outlined new procedures. No visible tattoos or body piercings. Also, no tennis shoes.

    As a parent of three, I would not like to see their teacher wearing sweat pants. If I tried this at my school, I would be sent home to change!