I have always tried to build my kids' vocabulary, especially my EL's. A lot of time they don't know what they word says, much less what it means. In an effort to really kick my own butt into making sure I focus on the vocab for math, science and social studies, I have devoted part of a white board to vocab. words. I will have each section marked off and write the words for the unit on the board and review them daily. It worked last year during a unit on maps. I wrote down all the continents, oceans, where we lived, etc. and reviewed it every day. For the most part, by the time I tested my kids, they knew them all. I hope it works out. I was debating on whether or not to put the words in a book, but I think it would be too much for them to have in their desk or be responsible for. Hmmm, gotta think that one through! Pics will be coming, once I get it done. It's in the pile of things to laminate!

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  1. It is important for teachers to use the proper vocab when teaching students. There are some words though that I feel teachers need to stop using. Um, yeah....like here are some of them: