Thoughts from my day at school and more

We have a brand new office staff. Our old principal was moved to a new school (thank goodness) and the secretary got a new job (she was the devil in my opinion!). People have been slowly coming back to work, so it's interesting to talk to people and see what they have to say. Here's what I learned today:

- Those who could do no wrong are not happy that the principal is gone and are already bad-mouthing the new principal.

-Those who loved the secretary don't like the new one. Our old one was uber anal retentive. She was planned for everything and things she didn't know she had to plan! But, she was also a bitch and I don't think the new one is.

- People who are unorganized are still unorganized, even with the whole summer to prepare. Whatever. I don't know what that's like. I think I would have died already!

- Having a giant stack of stuff to laminate is fine, but don't chit chat while you laminate. Other people want to use it. And still do cause you wouldn't work faster!

- Teachers who have children at the school are not welcoming to "outsiders". There are 3 teachers whose children will be going into 1st grade and they all were able to handpick their teacher. And it wasn't me or the other newer-to-the-school teacher. This is our 3rd year there. Give it a rest already! I'm Ok with not having their kids anyway. They all have the princess mentality. I'll take the peasant mentality!

- Salad spinners make great spin art. I learned this at my daughter's art class. Who knew? Wal-Mart here I come!

- Even though the district is in a "financial crisis", they still keep the AC on everyday when no one is there and have our computers come on every day. WTH? How is that helping?

- Seeing my 3 cases of copy paper made me happy and brought a tear to my eyes. Could have been the temp that jumped 10 degrees today. Not happy.

- Adding new things to my room makes me happy, but adds a little more stress!

- Our custodian is probably the worst in school custodian history. He is very ADHD and doesn't know how to do one thing. It seriously took him 2 months to change a lightbulb and that was with me asking him everyday! Yesterday he took it upon himself to mow the grass. So today when maintainence came, they didn't have much to do. But my boards can't get clean. Another WTH?

- I'm excited about going back, but wish I had more time. Next week is gonna fly right by! Holy crap!

- On a random note, I really hope the clothes from the 80's don't make a huge comeback like they have started to try and do. In actuality, I hope the 80's stay in the past. I can't use aerosol hairspray anymore to get my hair that high, I'm not skinny enough to fit into the pants, and I have to keep both shoulders covered. But, the "hair bands" of the day were great and so much better than the music of today. Ah, to be young and in middle school again. The 80's were a blur, espcially since I didn't start kinder til '81 and don't remember much before '84 (can you say Mary Lou Retton hair cut?). Damn, now I feel old!

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  1. Back to school can be a stressful time of year. I hope your new principal is what your school needs. Sometimes change is a good thing.

    If you were in kinder in 81 then I'd say we are about the same age. :)

    Hope you enjoy your last few weeks of summer!!