Sleep eludes me when I am on vacation. It's the time I should be getting lots of sleep since I don't have to wake up at o'dark thirty to go to work. But, no, I find myself up at 2am and not able to go back to sleep til about 5:30 or 6 or even later. Then I am woken up at 7:30ish when my daughter comes in. Last night I had a lovely headache, so I was in bed by 9 (I know, and it's summer!) but I didn't fall asleep til after 10. Then I was awake at 1 and didn't go to sleep til about 3 and then I woke up again at 5 (I wake at 5 everyday...I guess my mind thinks I have to go to work...it didn't get the memo about being on vacation!) and fell asleep after 6:30. Then my little love came in at 7:30 so she could watch a show. Let me tell ya, I am tired. I am also getting the itch to go back to work. At least I sleep better after working all day. Happy Wednesday...here's to a very long day!

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  1. Sleep is eluding me and many other teachers. We are so used to structure during the school year. We have unstructured summers (fun), but unstructured sleeping habits (no fun).