Random, Mindless (or Mind-numbing) thoughts

I spent today with my daughter at Legoland. We have passes, so we can go whenever we want. But, I found out today that summer SUCKS! Everyone and their brother are there. And not speaking a language I know. And don't know how to get out of the way of a stroller. Seriously, so people in other countries, hell, even in the US, just run each other over with strollers? I feel like I spent half my dodging people just to get to an attraction. I doubt we will go back before September, which sucks more cause I will be back to work.

A guy was sitting at the table next to us today during lunch with his wife and daughter (or I think that's who there were anyway). And the conversation went something like this:
Hubs: You know, those strawberries are full of pesticides and stuff and that's going to give her ADD.
Wife: But they said they grow them right down the street here.
Hubs: Well that's not good. Fruit from CA is the worst with all the chemicals. (Long pause as the wife goes to get something)
Hubs: So, you know that strawberries are the best fruit you can eat? They have the most "good stuff" for you. I'm glad she's eating them.
WTH???? What am I missing here? I wasn't being nosy, but they were loud and the tables are close together!

It was only 84 when I got home today. Let me tell ya, we are being spoiled rotten here. Normally it's in the 100's here. I'm loving it! When school starts, I bet we will be over 100 with no recess for 2 months. Already feeling the sweat coming on!

I was driving by a high school today along a road that goes along the back of the school. There were signs that said "No standing, stopping or parking anytime". There was a sign that said that right in front of a stop sign. Hello? Contradicting, aren't we?

Our neighbors, or the people who live next to us be we don't really know them or who even lives there anymore, had a problem with killer bees. Mind you, I don't live in a little suburban neighborhood. We have land - lots and lots of land. Ok, it's dirt, but anyway. There were some killer bees living on the property and they attacked. But, the owner couldn't afford to clean it up. So, the city caved in and paid for it (they'll get their money back eventually). The killed the bees on Monday and tore down buildings today. Hopefully the bees are gone. Oh yeah, we were not notified of the bees til we read it in the paper. How's that for neighborly help?

Lastly, can I just say, I love Jon Bon Jovi! And if you do too, just google "pics" and get an eyefull!

Maybe tomorrow I will post something relevant to teaching. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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