Planning part 3...almost done

Today I met with one of the teachers I work with and we sat down to plan out the year in some general terms. I did get a large portion of my yearly plan filled out, and the gaps that are left are for me to fill in and only me! It feels good to have an idea of what I am doing, even if it means changing up things from how I have done it in the past!

Our Language Arts, Math and Science are pretty much laid out for us as to when to teach it. There is some leeway in the reading, since we have more weeks of school than weeks of stories. I got excited when I scheduled some stories for 2 weeks and began thinking of the different projects we could do. Now I just need to get to them and get working! For now, our Social Studies is the only thing we have some control over. And honestly, it sucks! I hate our standards for social studies. They are boring and a little over the kids' heads. Some of the stuff takes me a minute to figure out what it is they're asking the kids to know. Seriously, the Declaration of Indepenence in First grade? WTH?

I think I have my homework problem solved and I think I like it. My friend doesn't care for it, but she is also one who thinks that homework should be monotonous and routine. I want something fun and exciting to make the kids (and their parents) think and learn and not be bored. I think I have it figured out. More to come!

I feel better now that I have stuff planned. I can almost take everything back to school, leave it there til I go back and worry about it then. Having it at home is pointless now, even overwhelming. Maybe tomorrow will be another trip to school to drop things off and decrapify my office at home a bit more.

Just 3 more weeks of vacation left and then it's back to reality.


  1. Hello,

    How do we contact you if we want to send you an email? I didn't see a contact area on your profile. Please let me know. You can contact me at underground.teacher@yahoo.com :)

  2. I added in my e-mail contact. Sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't on there! FYI, it's socalteacherstuff@gmail.com. Thanks for asking!