I have been trying to deep clean some rooms of my house, getting rid of crap I don't need/use/want. It's hard to get rid of something if you might need it, but I don't need stuff just lying around. And it's really hard with a 4 year old who wants anything and everything around, even if she only plays with it once a month. I've gotten a couple rooms done and have a couple more to go - I have a small house!

It got me thinking about school, like everything does now, and how there are some teachers who aren't organized at all. While my house may not always be beautiful and clean, my classroom is. Everything has a place and if it's out of its place, then I am too. I have a large cabinet in the back of my room that has lots of storage, Luckily, I don't have it filled to capacity like some at the my school. There are some teachers who have so much stuff that they don't even know what they have. There are some rooms I can't go into because they are so cluttered and make me feel sick!

Towards the end of the year, I started staying after school for about 45 extra minutes 2 times a week. I used this time to go through my file cabinet. Yep. I only have one. I went through my files, cleaned out some of the extra pages that were in there, got rid of stuff I haven't used in years and made them all neat and orderly. I did this for my reading, science and social studies. We have a newer math program that I am starting to get a lot of supplemental stuff for (because they program half sucks!) but I am organizing it with the folders the math lessons are in. I am torn between keeping extras for the next year and throwing them away/recycling them. If I keep the extras, then I have some for the next year, but then I have to make extra copies and then it just becomes a mess!

The teacher I work with has 2 file cabinets packed with stuff. Some of it is multiple copies of things, whicle other stuff is all in Spanish. She used to teach the curriculum in spanish, so she has it all there. I doubt CA will go back to that, but she doesn't want to toss it or file it seperately. If that was me, it would bug me to no end! I have, in the past, helped her thin her files, books, etc, but I guess after 20+ years of teaching, you collect a lot of stuff. I try to think out every couple of years, just for my own sanity. And it helps that I have only taught one grade level.

My goal for this year is to be even more organized. My biggest "trouble area" is my saved student work. I don't always file it right away, so I get a huge mountain of work that is then a pain because I didn't do it the fisrt time. We'll see how that goes!

I find that the teachers who are more organized and have everything in its place have a little better classroom management and their kids aren't as wild as others. In fact, the 2 teachers in my grade level whose rooms are a bit chaotic have the most behavior problems year after year. Huh. And they think they get picked on!


  1. Hi! Just came across your blog through Caffeinated Teacher! I taught first grade for three years and i loved it and this year I am switching to Kindergarten! Glad I found you!



  2. I agree with sneaker teacher. Your blog has become part of my morning coffee routine. I love your enthusiasm, and when I read your blog, I feel like you totally "get me." It has a voice that has me thinking you are right next door, and I just want to knock on the door, have some coffee, and plans some lessons or organize something, and then have a play date with the kids at the beach.