My unhappy realization

I woke up today, just like every other day, with my daughter running into my room asking me for her morning show and glass of chocolate milk. I got up, did all that, then went back to bed. I didn't sleep, but I did get to lay there for a bit longer. When I finally did ge tup for real, I wandered into the computer room, turned on the computer and turned to the next page on my calendar. Oh crap! This is my last weekend before I have to really be ready for school to start. Yeah, I hve next weekend, but really, this is it. This is the last weekend I can do whatever before having to really be ready for work.

And then I started wondering if I have prepared enough at home. I think I have, I just need time to prepare at school, which I have little of next week. I volunteered to help a friend move into her new classroom next week, so that will take up Monday. I was hoping to have a day at work to myself, but that ain't happening, since I forgot my hubby had to work next week. So, it looks like I will take my daughter with me on Tuesday, we will be gone on Wednesday, I have an art class with my daughter on Thursday and then a dr. appt. after, so that will kill the morning til at least 12:30. Then Friday I may try to take a staff development calss, but it's a first come, first served, which would mean I have to get up early and wait with other teachers who don't want to be there! And there goes the week! I will be there the next Monday, which is teachnically a furlough day, but it's not like I'm getting paid to be there now, anyway! Then the following Tuesday is the day we have to be there and then the next Wednesday is kiddo day! So I say it again. Oh crap! Better get all my summer projects done this weekend, since I haven't done them the past 9 weeks! Happy end of summer to me! :(

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  1. We aren't far behind you. However, as an outsider looking in, you have done more to prepare for this school year than most. I haven't even been to my new classroom yet and wish I could say I have done as much as you have, but I haven't. This is the first year I am waiting until the last possible minute.