My Classroom

I went to school today for another hour. At this rate, I will be ready by Christmas! But, it's been nice going in, getting a few things done and then spending the rest of the day with my daughter. Today was Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party. Note to self - Do not ever go to Chuck E Cheese for fun! Below are some pics of what my room looks like sans work on the walls. There are a couple more things I need to put up, but that won't be til next week! Here's the grand tour.

Calendar Area

Student work area

Mailboxes and information wall

Reading group area and student work wall

My desk, wall o'standards

Word Wall - it will look better when there are words on it!

Board/front of room/monkey alphabet chart!

When school starts, there will be more on the board area.

Once school starts and it looks like a classroom with real students (and not my daughter's work all over!) I will take some more pics to show!


  1. Awesome! I haven't been to my classroom yet. I am a little nervous. I have always been in a trailer, and now I am going to be in the building with a classroom in the main hallway and lab tables. Walking in now would probably give me a panic attack.

    However, LOVE what you are doing with the monkeys. I wished you lived close by because I have a lot of monkey stuff I would be more than happy to share.

  2. Thanks! I'm starting to panic about my room and myself notbeing ready, but then I have next week. I have at least 2 days to go in next week and then two days before school starts to be ready! Yikes!

  3. Hi! Just found your blog-love it. I am a first grade teacher as well and have been searching for blogs to read this summer. Thank goodness you started one!
    Looking forward to reading it allllll year long.