I went into school today to drop some things off, make some copies and file said copies. It got some stuff out of my house, but then I brought some more home! I figure I can start wokring on it at night since my hubby is gone for a few days. Yes, peace and quiet once my daughter goes to bed!

When I got to school today, it was eerily quiet. The was another teacher there, but she is the one in the grade level who doesn't talk to us. So, I just ignored her. Her classroom is on the other side of campus, so it's OK. I went to the office, met the new secretary, then went to make copies. I copied about half of what I wanted to since I got bored standing at the copy machine. Some of the stuff can wait til spring, but I just want to get it copied and filed.

As I was at school, I was kinda excited to be there, kinda not. I want to start, but I don't. I guess it's bittersweet now with the summer dwindling away for me. I had planned to go in tomorrow, but I think now I won't. I can go on Thursday, or I can just wait and go next week. I'll have to be there the week of the 9th anyway, seeing as how that's when we start.

I've got so many ideas in my head, on paper, etc. that I am afraid I will forget them if I don't do something. But, I'm sure I will remember and be able to do it all, it's just stressful when I can't put it all together. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. And in 2 weeks, it's another year!

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  1. I'm still baffled that anyone can work with other people and not talk to them at all. WTH?!