Continuing Education

This is a topic that all teachers are familiar with. Honestly at this point in my life, I don't even want to think of it. I have better things to do with my time than to go take classes that I don't care about. But, that is what I have to do and it sucks. Big time!

The route I took to teaching was quick and easy. I went out of state where I had a real education. I have my degree in Elementary Education. Most teacher in CA, who went to school in CA, have a degree in Liberal Studies and then go on to get their credential after they have a Bachelor's. So, when they start teaching, most have units beyond their BA. When I started teaching, I only had my BS degree. I had to complete "30 units beyond my beachelor's degree" to satisfy the requirement for CA. So, I did my master's degree and got my 30 units, plus all the other crap I had to do to fulfill the reqs. for CA. Our salary scale goes from A to E. I started at A and moved to B after a few classes then moved to C when I got my Master's. Most teachers, once they get their master's, move over to E! It's crap, but it's the way it works. So, a year or 2 after getting my MA, I went back to the same crappy college I got my Master's at and took some more classes. We were horribly misled into believing we were getting a Reading Specialist credential, but at the end of it, we just got another "emphasis" on our degree. We should have known we couldn't do it in 4 classes, but we listened to the university. So, that put me at D. I'm not even at freaking E yet and I am done with school.

I have actually not stepped foot into a college class since 2002. I guess it's time I go back. But, I've been busy putting my hubby through his Bachelor's program and then he decided that he wanted to go to school for what could be a high paying job (Mr. Esquire?) and I had my daughter. I've been busy...and broke! I couldn't afford to pay for his school and go to school at the same time. He went at nights for the last 4 years and I was home with my daughter. Wasn't gonna work! Now, he's done with school, so it's my turn to go back and take the last few classes I need to move all the way over on the pay scale.

Honestly, there's really nothing I want to do. I would like to get my reading specialist, but it's like jumping through hoops. When I looked into it through another college, they told me I would have to repeat half of my classes I took in my master's. To me, that's a huge waste of time. I'd rather learn something new than something I have already done. So, it looks like I will go the route of the "cheap school". There's a college that offers 3 unit classes for little money (less than $300) and they meeet only 5 times (but 6 hours a night - UGH!). But, I can do by classes I need this year and be done forever! I should have a better attitude about going to school, but I put my time and energy into my class at school and my family at home. I don't have much more to devote to anyone else. But, I guess I can suck it up for a couple months, get the classes done and reap the rewards next year finally! It would be nice to be making a bit (OK, a lot) more money each month!

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  1. Ick :(

    I am so glad that since I finished my Master's the only thing I have to do in order to renew my certification is accumulate 6 board credits every 6 years...and almost EVERY PD we have offers those credits. So really, if I never want to be a student in a college class again, I don't have to be. At this point, that sounds divine because I am sick of being a student!

    I feel you on jumping through the hoops. They can't ever make it easy.