Today was the day I finally went to Lakeshore to buy the things I needed for the next year. I am in the fortunate position that I don't need a lot of things every year. And the things I do need aren't that expensive. So, I went to day to beat the heat (it was 105 at 11:00, which is quite warm, considereing it was 80 last week and neither are typical for us!) and get my shopping done.

Like I said, I didn't need much. I got my charts to record the sight words known, the math facts known and another one, though I don't honestly know what I need it for. I also got a world map poster and a US poster, since I despise using the pull down ones from 1970 (that are older than I). I also got the cutest poster to put in my room with monkeys. I have all the monkey things from TREND, so I might as well have the poster, too!

I made sure I got my free lesson plan book. I don't want to buy one, so I might as well spend the money on stuff I want/need and get a free one. Oh, I also bought a science BLM book to use this year. It's the only book I have paid full price for. I bought 2 resource books from ebay and 2 more I got at the library sale. I need to do that more! It was a good day and I feel a little more prepared...just a little. I am under 4 weeks now til the first day of school - WTH? Where did the time go? Yikes! In 4 weeks I will be sweating to death with 20+ first graders who are ready for their naps!

I ran by school to drop off my larger items so they weren't at home tempting my daughter to play with them. It was so nice to walk into my room and see it ready to go! Now I just gotta plan!

One of the teachers in my grade level was there and I went to go stop in her classroom and chat. She was cleaning out her cabinets and trying to organize. She's been teaching less time than I have, but she hasn't learned to throw away! I try not to be a pack rat, but it's hard. I'm getting better and getting rid of things that I don't use at all. Yes, I still gather and collect, but I also throw and purge. I wish more people did that!

I walked by another room and it just seemed cluttered. I can't stand to be in classrooms that have stuff from top to bottem. I start feeling anxious. I wonder if the kids feel the same way? There is having stuff on the walls to look nice, but then there is having stuff everywhere to make it look like you know what you're doing when you don't. It just bugs me, one of pet peeves!

Well, it's time to go lay on the couch and curse mother nature. Yesterday was just freakin' hot. Today is hot and humid. I don't know how people in the south do it. It's about 106 today with some lovely humidity. I hate mother nature right now!


  1. I use the monkeys too! My kids work for monkey stickers. They LOVE them! A furry friend may sneak in or the colorful geckos (sp), but everything monkey always wins out.

  2. One of my former colleagues (who has since quit entirely -- yeah, our school was that bad) had a lot of those little monkey decorations in her room. It was a huge joke among the kids because our rooms were next door to each other and I had all kinds of frog stuff and she had all kinds of monkey stuff :)

    Last year I finally got smart about those posters to record stuff on (I don't use them for sight words at upper elementary though ;)...I had them laminated at Office Max. Their laminate is EXPENSIVE (they had a 50% off promotion for teachers at the time) but it is very thick and sturdy. I probably won't buy another of those posters for 10 years because the laminate is awesome. I write on them with permanent markers so no one can change the info and it comes off with dry erase board cleaner. Definitely saves on having to replace those charts mid-year and every new school year.