One of my hobbies is reading. I have been an avid reader since middle school. My mom would always make us read in the summer before we could go swimming. I would sit and read an entore book before going swimming while my siblings would scream and fuss about having to read for 30 minutes.

Now that it is summer, it is my time to read. I see on other blogs that people are reading educational books, inspirational books and even some kid books for the school year. Nope. Not me. I prefer the trashier the better! Actually, I prefer Danielle Steel, but I am almost through her newest book and then will have to read all the trashy books I have been stacking up. Yes, I am proud to say I have read almost all of the Danielle Steel books. I read a lot of them one summer in summer school geometry. It wasn't truly a math class, or a class for that matter, but I had to take it to get a better grade, so I did. I think in the 2 weeks I was in class I read 4 books. Then I read more in my English class my senior year because there was nothing to get out of that class at all.

Anyway, in the almost 4 weeks I have been on vacation, I have read 5 books. It may not seem like a lot, but I have a hubby and a daughter who rarely let me have an afternoon of peace for reading! I read when I can and then there is no stopping me (unless I fall asleep!). I have 5 more weeks of vacation to read and have "me time". Let's see if I can narrow down my stack of books by the time August rolls around. There is that little thing called PLANNING I still need to do, so....

Happy Reading!

Oh, and if you like trashy and feel like you should be reading something for school, read Judy Blume. Her novels for adults are crazy-trashy and very unlike her novels for elementary age kids...thank goodness!

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