Random thoughts in the morning

I am into the third week of my summer vacation, and loving every minute if it. I am having such a nice time, that I haven't even opened my bag of school stuff for the summer. I will leave that for July! In the meantime, I will continue to be mommy to my daughter, do all the things at stay at home mom would do and, for me, read, read, read! I am on my 4th book of the summer. It may not seem like a lot, but I have to get my reading in between playing games, swimming or just sitting with my baby girl!

I have been reading some blogs this morning about teaching, and they are all kinda bumming. One poor teacher got moved to a grade she didn't want, against her will. Other blogs talk about how kids will never change, administrators will never change, blah, blah. It's true, but it's just sad. I know I won't be the one to go out and change the world, but I do hope, every year, that I have some small effect on my students and that they remember me. Sometimes I feel I am just a face they see every day for 180 days and then I am gone. Maybe I am, who knows. I still remember my first grade teacher. I remember the classroom smelling like tempra paint and paste. Yum! I remember having to go to "Chapter 1" classes because I hadn't really learned all my letter sounds in Kindergarten (I had hearing difficulties thanks to ear infections...that cleared up just fine!). I just hope my students have some sort of memory of me, rather than "Oh, I think she was my teacher!"

I took my daughter to story time at the library and got a great idea for the first day of school. Even though I'm not planning anything, I'm still thinking about school. I can't ever stop thinking about school, even if I want to. My mind is always going, even at 3 in the morning! Anyway, the theme for the day was pirates. The lady read some story about pirates, they talked about pirates and then they made a pirate hat. I have a book about the alphabet and pirates that I am going to read to my kids, and then we are going to do an alphabet hunt in the classroom, I have a pirate picture hunt and then make apirate hat. When my camera works again, I will post some pictures so you can actually see what it looks like rather than just imagining!

Starting next week (it will be July then!) I will post some tips, ideas and stuff that I do in my classroom to maybe share with others. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Thank you for this post. This post inspired one of my more recent posts, and I hope you check it out. Also, love the idea about sharing tips. We can all use a good tip every now and again. Looking forward to your upcoming posts.