More change

Our district, like most districts in California, is struggling financially. We get less money from the state, ourpay goes, down, etc. It isn't the fault of the children or the teachers, but we are the ones who have to suffer. Less materials, less supplies, you name it, it's all there - or not there!

The district, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that one way to save money is to have standard schedules. All elementary schools will start at one time and all middle and high schools start at one time. I am trying to embrace this change, but I think it sucks!

Research has shown that high school students would do better if they were to start school later in the day, rather than early. So, my district has decided that middle and high school will start at 7:30! Doesn't make sense. Elementary isn't going to start til 9:00! It is going to make for a very long day. We won't even see the outside of the school til after 3, and that's just when the kids go home. By the time papers are graded, classroom cleaned, etc, it will be about 4 or so before I get to leave. I won't mind it in August when it's too hot to do anything til 8pm, but it is really going to suck in January when it's dark at 4:30. And, to make matters worse, the school I am at is at the base of hill, which means the sun goes down even earlier. I don't know how people in the northern states do it when it gets dark so early in the winter...I like me some sunshine!

Anyway, some of us met today to try and figure out a daily schedule since we are starting over an hour later. Talk about a mess! Just the thought of change is bad enough, but to see it in writing really brings it home. I think we got a schedule hammered out that will work and allow us to keep our schedule the same as before, just moved up an hour each day. I can handle that. I don't like the idea of being out so late, but maybe this is the time I need to get up in the morning and have some "me time". Eh, who am I kidding! I will sleep and hour longer in the morning and be able to stay up an hour longer at night! Maybe this won't be so bad after all!

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  1. I totally understand. In our area, middle school has always been the last to start for as long as I can remember. High school and elementary school start even earlier. The high school kids are out in the dark waiting for the bus. The high schools and elementary schools start around 7 or 7:30. Middle school always starts later, and it has always been because of the bus schedule here. Last year, our bell didn't even ring until 8:45. Our school and maybe one other school started the latest and got out the latest. The scheduled changed this year, but we are lucky because middle school in this county gets two planning periods. Our school has been fortunate enough to put our back to back.