I have been wanting to post, but for some reason, everything I think of is very depressing. I don't like having negative thoughts about teaching, but that's all I have been having. It's more just the frustration of having to completely change my schedule, away from what works to something new. I've been trying to find ideas for a new science unit we have to start teaching (matter...in first grade?!?!?!?) and I haven't had any luck. And the things I do like are too expensive for me right now. I've never, in my 12 years of teaching, had the trouble of not having the money to go out and buy what I want, but thanks to good 'ole California, I am in that boat right now. Payday is a few days away and boy am I ready! Or I should say, boy are the bills ready! So, I will close with the idea that my frustration will leave soon and then I can try to blog about happier things!

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  1. Post whatever you feel like it even if it is depressing. Those are the thoughts that are on your mind right now, and they have to come out. Blogging is one of many outlets, and the cool thing about having your own blog is that you can do whatever you want--the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome!