Attempting to Plan - Day 1

I sat down at my desk in my office at home and wanted to plan. I had a few moments of quiet to myself and thought that this was as good a time as any to start planning for the next school year. Only, there is one small problem. My desk is a freakin' mess! I have oddles of stuff piles on it. I just move it every once in awhile to get to something I need. And, it's just stuff - school stuff, magazines, catalogs, my daughter's things from school, etc. I have my things I brought home for the summer to go through all neat in a crate. The rest is a huge mess! So, before I can plan, it looks like I need to clean, organize and throw! Oh well, so much for planning today. At least I had the want to plan! :)


  1. Next time, have the want to plan with your lap top at a restaurant with free wi fi and some awesome food. It totally avoids having to deal with the mess AND gives you a new and fresh place to work.

  2. I would love to be able to do that, but it's too hard to find someone to watch my daughter! I have to do it in between games and legos! Oh, how I miss the summers when she actually napped!

  3. Do you have a bistro table or one of those tables that is really high where you need bar stools or you can stand? That helps too. Sometimes I put the laptop on the bar in my kitchen and move the bar stools and stand and type. That is good working space, and kids can't reach things right away. When they finally can, they have made a lot of noise before hand to alert you!